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Full Cone Spray Nozzle

Full cone spray nozzleThe liquid enters the nozzle and proceeds through the vane. The vane causes the liquid to swirl. T

Hollow Cone Spray Nozzle

Hollow Cone Spray NozzleThe hollow cone nozzle has a self-cleaning function, and the operation is quite reliable even if

Flat Fan Spray Nozzle

Flat Fan Spray NozzleFlat spray nozzles are ideal for use in spray headers or manifolds. They produce a fan-type, tapere

K Nozzle

K nozzleK nozzle is suitable for short-distance spraying, and its compact design ensures a large flow in a small sp

Mist nozzle

Mist nozzleUniform spray pattern extends to wide spray angles. This nozzle effectively covers a wider area with fewer no

Spiral Nozzle

Spiral NozzleLiquid enters the nozzle and passes through the orifice. The liquid leaves the nozzle through the gap in th


JAUJAU type atomizing nozzle is a compact automatic atomizing nozzle, which is specially designed for use in small areas


JFThe JF nozzle has the characteristics of secondary atomization. In the first stage, the liquid is mixed with compresse


JNBasic JN bodies have liquid and air inlets on opposing sides of the nozzle bodies. Nozzle bodies include a removable p

Dryfogger Nozzle

Dryfogger NozzleThe Dryfogger sanitizing nozzle from KMECO is capable of sanitizing a variety of areas from small break

ST-5 & ST-6

ST-5 & ST-6The central part of the ST is the liquid nozzle. In addition to standard nozzles, nozzle types can be mat

FM Lance

FM LanceFM series spray guns are generally used for desulfurization and deacidification of boilers in power plants and s

Air Nozzle

Air NozzleAir nozzles convert a low-pressure volume of compressed air into a targeted high-velocity concentrated air str

Air Knife

Air KnifeIndependent research and development of drop-shaped air knife, the unique air groove of the entire length of th

Compressed air knife

Compressed air knifeCompressed air knife generate high-velocity, constant airflow to optimize the performance of the dry

Air Amplifier

Air AmplifierVariable air amplifiers produce a constant, high velocity air stream for very targeted drying and blow-off

Air Blower

Air BlowerIn the blower designed by applying the regenerative theory, the fan blades are accelerated by a small air volu

Circular Air Knife

Circular Air KnifeCircular Air Knife provides a uniform 360กใ airstream that is ideal for blowoff, drying, cleaning and c