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Cleaning & Washing

The main objective of cleaning is to remove unwanted particles from the product itself without negatively affecting it.

Drying & Blow-off

If you want to dry beverage bottles, cables, and steel pipes, KMECO provides you with high-quality solutions. Air knives


If you are experiencing quality problems due to uneven coating or wasting expensive coatings due to over application, co


Reliable, cost-efficient humidification requires the right spray technology. KMECO offers solutions for humidification a

Dust Control

When you need to prevent or suppress dust particles in the air, the use of water and/or chemicals is often the most effe

Tank & Equipment Cleaning

Minimise downtime and improve worker safety with KMECO automated tank cleaning solutions. We can optimise your tank clea

DeSOx & DeNOx

Steel, cement, power generation, diesel engine manufacturing and other industrial plants rely on KMECO for NOx control s