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Air Nozzle

Air NozzleAir nozzles convert a low-pressure volume of compressed air into a targeted high-velocity concentrated air str

Air Knife

Air KnifeIndependent research and development of drop-shaped air knife, the unique air groove of the entire length of th

Compressed air knife

Compressed air knifeCompressed air knife generate high-velocity, constant airflow to optimize the performance of the dry

Air Amplifier

Air AmplifierVariable air amplifiers produce a constant, high velocity air stream for very targeted drying and blow-off

Air Blower

Air BlowerIn the blower designed by applying the regenerative theory, the fan blades are accelerated by a small air volu

Circular Air Knife

Circular Air KnifeCircular Air Knife provides a uniform 360กใ airstream that is ideal for blowoff, drying, cleaning and c