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ZSTWC medium speed water mist nozzle

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Update time : 2023/3/15 14:27:11

ZSTWC medium speed water mist spray head is a dry fixed medium speed water mist system. In the event of an external fire, the protective cooling of the horizontal, vertical or irregular surfaces of the equipment is particularly effective to prevent damage to the equipment structure due to the radiant heat of the fire. In the design of some occasions, the choice of water spray intensity is very important. The system can also be used to protect the flammable liquid, gas and solid dangerous areas with a flash point below 66 ˇăC. Fire extinguishing efficiency. During the fire, the sprinkler continuously sprays water mist on the exposed heat-absorbing surfaces of various buildings near the fire area to prevent the exposed surfaces from absorbing heat and spreading the fire, so as to protect the safety of various buildings.

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